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Aug 2 2015, 09:49 PM
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<div class="baser"><table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><tr><td><div class="colorblocker"><div class="namer">

U . M . F

</div><div class="infoer">

The Ultra Music Festival 2015

</div></div></td><td><div class="imageblocker"><div class="shippercontainer"><div class="shipperwords">

Haven't you heard!? The Ultra Music Festival has arrived!

<p>It has become one of the worlds most recognizable overnight span parties. Artists, DJs, performers, and the countless fans flock from all corners of the world to this beautiful city to experience three days of music, dancing, raving and of course alcohol.

<p>From August 3rd to August 6th famous electronic artists, and even some on the rise new ones will be performing for the Miami locals and tourists at Bayfront Park. Local shops and bars will have tents set up for some souvenirs and drinks for the party goers.

<p>Miami offers the perfect weather and ocean view for the three day event. So get your dancing shoes on, start pitching those tents and grabbing those glow sticks, because UMF is here and it's party time!


<p>This event is open to all members, and all plots! It will go throughout the entire month of August and possibly September depending on how it goes. This is a great time to get your characters out and about and meeting new people. Where is there a better place to get close to a complete stranger? So just go crazy and have an awesome time everyone! =)

</div></div><div class="iconer"></div></div></td></tr></table></div><div class="creditr"><a href="">NAE</a></div>


Jul 22 2015, 01:31 AM

<div id="multi-container">
<div class="multi-upper"></div>
<div class="multi-title">update #5</div>
<div class="multi-content">

<div class="multi-indent">alright, so this is just a quick update to remind everyone to make sure you are logging into all your accounts everyday! you might not have as many plots with one character as another, but it is easy to lose track of time and your neglected character may be archived due to inactivity.

<p>which brings me to our second topic. the staff just went through and archived all of the threads overdue for replies, and we inactivated any accounts that haven't logged in for two months. if you would like any of your threads back, please feel free to post it in our thread moderation section. just give us the link to the archived thread, and tell us where you would like it to be moved!

<p>if you have any questions about this update, post them here or pm an admin.

<p><3 the staff</div>

Jun 7 2015, 12:24 PM

<div id="multi-container">
<div class="multi-upper"></div>
<div class="multi-title">restrictions</div>
<div class="multi-content">

as most of you may know, there are some models, actors, actresses, musicians etc. that do not wish to have their faces used for the purpose of roleplaying. as roleplayers, we need to respect these wishes. to make this easier to do, we've made a list of restricted faces that cannot be used or requested under any circumstances. we thank you for your understanding.<p>

<div class="multi-indent">Alice Cheynet</div>

<div class="multi-indent">Cameron Ugh</div>

<div class="multi-indent">Freida Rose</div>

<div class="multi-indent">Lara Jade</div>

<div class="multi-indent">Lauren Peralta</div>

<div class="multi-indent">Leda Muir</div>

<div class="multi-indent">Samantha Cormier</div>

<div class="multi-indent">TwiggX</div>

<div class="multi-indent">Zoe Kimball</div>


Jun 1 2015, 09:04 PM

<div id="multi-container">
<div class="multi-upper"></div>
<div class="multi-title">activity check</div>
<div class="multi-content">

<CENTER>So it's that time again. If you wish to keep your character, you must link us to an active or open thread (not tech) that said character has replied in within the past seven days. The only exception to this rule are members that have been created and approved within the past seven days, and those that have an appropriate absence up. This will be open for ten days. Ending on 06/11/15 at midnight. Please include all characters. Even those you've just created.

</center><P><div class="multi-indent"><CENTER>"SAFE"</CENTER></div><P>


Jamie Quinn<br>
Felix Retli<br>
Briah McKinley<br>
Milo Windsor<br>
Keegan Alexander<br>
Violet McKinley<br>
Hunter Evans<br>
Sophie Ciano<br>
Collette Moreau<br>
Katalina Ross<br>
Rayna Thompson<br>
Dallas Wolfe<br>
Valerie Wheeler<br>
Laken Smith<br>
Kaela Daniels<br>
Jaxon St. John<br>
Faris Parez<br>
Finnian Peterson<br>
Anna James<br>
Maya Decker<br>
Chloe Richards<br>
Laine Dreyton<br>
Mattie Corbin<br>
Freya Nicholls<br>
Rebecca Saxton<br>
Maxine Casarella<br>
Roselle Degray<br>
Zane Hartman<br>
Luciana Rodriguez<br>
Vivianna Warrick<br>
Graham Rucker<br>
Caleb Hughes<br>
Lucille Devereux<br>
Bryce Aldridge<br>
Avery Michaels<br>
Amelia Taylor<br>
Kian Peterson<br>
Charity Sinclair<br>

<P><div class="multi-indent"><CENTER>"UNSAFE"</CENTER></div><P>

<CENTER>Aedan Rocco<br>
Alice Ricci<br>
Grace Rucker<br>
Hannah Bloom<br>
Hendrix Brecken<br>
Janessa Hart<br>
Juliet Swann<br>
Kellen Archer<br>
Monroe Davidson<br>
Sadie O'Reilley<br>
Samuel Royce<br>
Sydney Pryce<br>
Walker Brown<br>
Wyatt Holder<br>

<center><p>To Keep:

[URL=LINK TO THREAD][b]First Last[/b][/URL]<br>

<p>To Delete:

[s]First Last[/s]


May 25 2015, 02:01 AM

<div id="multi-container">
<div class="multi-upper"></div>
<div class="multi-title">female otm</div>
<div class="multi-content">

<div class="multi-indent">if you don't feel like posting here, message Kay</div>

<br>Collette Moreau

<p>Sadie O'Reilley

<p>Freya Nicholls



<div id="multi-container">
<div class="multi-upper"></div>
<div class="multi-title">male otm</div>
<div class="multi-content">

<div class="multi-indent">if you don't feel like posting here, message Kay</div>

<br>Avery Michaels

<p>Milo Windsor

<p>Kian Peterson



<div id="multi-container">
<div class="multi-upper"></div>
<div class="multi-title">member otm</div>
<div class="multi-content">

<div class="multi-indent">if you don't feel like posting here, message Kay</div>






<div id="multi-container">
<div class="multi-upper"></div>
<div class="multi-title">pair otm</div>
<div class="multi-content">

<div class="multi-indent">if you don't feel like posting here, message Kay</div>

<br>Caleb Hughes & Laken Smith

<p>Jamie Quinn & Lucille Devereux

<p>Graham Rucker & Katalina Ross



<div id="multi-container">
<div class="multi-upper"></div>
<div class="multi-title">pub crawl outfits!</div>
<div class="multi-content">

<div class="multi-indent">if you don't feel like posting here, message Kay</div>

<br>Briah McKinley

<p>Keegan Alexander

<p>Valerie Wheeler

<p>Katalina Ross

<p>Anna James

<p>Felix Retli

<p>Dallas Wolfe

<p>Zane Hartman

<p>Collette Moreau

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