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 Posted: Sep 19 2014, 03:17 AM


member groups

the commoners are those that are less fortunate than most. they live day, penny by penny, never really able to indulge in the pleasantries that miami, florida can bring. these people often times will occupy trailers, small apartments, or on rare occasions single to double bedroom homes. many of the commoners will find that roommates bring better and easier living, almost like the established life. most members of this group can be found in the nooks and crannies of the bustling city, where petty crime is common. small neighborhoods that can only bathe in the lights of the central city in the dead of the night with a clear sky. they work hard for what little they have and are either proud of what they do, or bitter for what they don't. they are the average joes that were unfortunately dealt a bad hand in life.


often times referred to as the working class, the established live a much more comfortable life than the commoners. their daily jobs provide them with enough money for groceries and bills every single week. with a little extra in overtime, they can have some play money for a trip to the boardwalk, or a romantic date night at ridani beach front restaurant. many of the established can be found in the local suburbs of the city. they are nice, comfortable places filled with decent homes and neighbors offering a welcoming community for families. they are close enough to central miami to enjoy a long walk through the beautiful lit night, and can even hear the ocean on those rare silent nights. this group still works hard, especially if they’d like to indulge more in the nobles lifestyle, but they make enough to be comfortable in a city like miami.


the nobles rule miami (or so they enjoy to think). they live the lavished life of the rich and famous, owning beach houses and lofts in the towering buildings of the city. it is an extravagant life to lead and many of them live it to the fullest. spending copious amounts of money on the casinos, clubs and other numerous entertainment facilities miami holds. these people often times do not have to work because they come from money and the name they bare is enough for them. others once lived a life of an established, or even a commoner, and with great determination and hard work they clawed their way up to the very top. the nobles rarely struggle with anything related to funds, and can live over-comfortably for the rest of their lives! they are an intriguing group of people that can be grateful for how far they’ve come in life, or spoiled rotten to the core for being born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

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