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Aug 19 2015, 11:58 PM
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This is Jamie’s ex-wife, Karen. They’ve known each other all their life and began dating in college. They were basically the cute couple that make people want to vomit they were so friggen adorable. The two of them were exactly the same. They both loved adventures and every weekend they were never home because they were off rock climbing and rapid riding or something. His family loved her, and were thrilled when the two of them tied the knot after five years of dating.

<p>They lasted eight full years in the marriage. After a while they just seemed to separate a little bit. Sure they still had their adventures, and they were still adorable. But something between them was disconnected and though they both felt it, Karen was the one that acted on it. She started an affair, and after so long of having it, decided to come clean. She confronted Jamie, confessed, and told him that it just wasn’t working between them anymore. After that, Jamie packed up and moved to Miami. He’s been here almost a year now and has settled in nicely.

<p>Basically I want her to come to Miami too. Maybe her and her boyfriend decided to move out there, not knowing that Jamie had run off to the big city. Maybe her and her boyfriend broke up and she is just travelling a bit and figured she stop in Miami to visit him. Maybe she had a baby and the proper thing to do is to come inform her ex-husband that he has a kid, IF it’s his. I’m pretty much open to whatever as long as you run it by me first. Face and name are open. She has to be adventurous but personality can be open. Past is open as long as she grew up in Brooksville, Florida. Please make her! I’m dying for some drama with my Jamie.


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Nov 4 2014, 12:03 AM
The rules are pretty simple, just post a gif response to the post before you and basically keep the conversation going in gifs. x)

"Come on in all!"
Sep 26 2014, 05:27 PM
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jamie alexander quinn

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jamie a. quinn

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august 13

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brooksville, florida

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jake gyllenhaal

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Blue eyes danced between the bold black camera lens pointed in his direction, and the tall slender blonde sporting a black pencil skirt and purple blouse setting the tripod and camera up before him. His jaw tightened and he clenched his fists as he contemplated exactly why he was sitting there in the first place. It had been all his colleagues could talk about the past few days. Getting him back out there. Showing him what the unmarried life was like, when in all actuality he was still married. The only reason he had agreed to the session today was to keep the guys quiet, and because they were paying for it.

<p>It took the male a moment to realize that the blonde who’d said her name was Sara was speaking to him. She hadn’t actually stopped speaking since he walked in the building. It hadn’t been directly to him however, and after only a few minutes of her company his senses tuned her out completely. His attention flickered back to her and she was staring at him expectantly. ”I’m sorry?” A perplexed look cascaded over his features.

<p>His dubious inquisition was met with a glistening smile. Sara seemed sweet. Though she surely dealt with nervous people all the time in her line of work, so she knew how to properly handle them. He suddenly found himself wondering what her line of work would be called. Matchmaker? Recorder? Camera chick? ”I said are you ready Mr. Quinn.” His response was a simple and hesitant nod.

<p>His heart was racing and he felt like a fool for allowing himself into this position. The man pressed his lips and rested his hands against the arms of the red leather chair he was sitting in. He had just been preparing himself to get up and inform the woman that he had changed his mind and he wasn’t quite ready for all of this. His plan fell through the cracks as his eyes met Sara’s and she began a countdown from three silently with her fingers behind the camera. By the time she had reached one, the man hadn’t moved from his spot. His gaze was still locked on Sara in a futile attempt to ignore the blinking red light on the camera. Was there really any turning back now?

<p>Sara’s bright green eyes widened slightly and she waved her hand to hopefully coax him into speaking. They had discussed what he was going to say in order to make the video flow easier. But then again, he hadn’t really been paying her much mind. The man was suddenly realizing his mistake as his unenthused blue eyes trailed the mere inches from the woman’s face to the camera’s lens. He let out a husky sigh and allowed himself to sink back into the chair, resting his hands clasped in his lap. No, there was no turning back now.

<p>”Hello.” A hand raised to offer whoever may eventually watch the tape a friendly greeting. It felt awkward to be waving to a camera, so the man quickly dropped his hand back to his lap. ”Uh.” Once again, he found himself glancing back and forth between the suddenly sympathetic woman and the camera. Her voice suddenly forced its way through all the anxiety clouding his brain to remind him that he could talk to her if it was easier than talking to the camera. He quickly adjusted himself in the seat to face her rather than the prying lens. ”My name is Jamie Quinn. I am thirty seven years old and I am currently in the process of getting a divorce.” Jamie’s heart dropped as he saw a cringed look cross over Sara’s face. ”Wait, wait. Can we uh, can we just toss that little bit there?” He raised his hand helplessly up in the camera’s direction pointing out his recorded mistake. He could recall Sara specifically telling him to avoid the divorce. He had just gotten so used to bringing it up in conversation lately. It had been over six months since she had made the decision to leave and Jamie still found ways to bring it up in any conversation.

<p>The blonde gave him an encouraging nod and once again waved her hand at him to continue. He bit the inside of his lip and let his eyes fall shut for a moment. Filling his lungs with a quick deep breath, the man forced himself to relax. As he let the air escape through his lips, his eyes fluttered open, and he started over. ”My name is Jamie Quinn. I am thirty-seven years old. I have lived in Florida all my life. Born and raised on a ranch in Brooksville with my two parents and my three siblings. Two brothers, one sister. Either people say they hated having siblings, or they loved it. I happened to be one of the latter. We were all really close. I was the second after my brother, then my sister came after me, and our littlest brother who was definitely a mistake.” He chuckled and gave a quick glance towards the camera before backing out and returning his attention to Sara who wore a big grin on her face letting him know he was doing well.

<p>The man opened his hands for a moment in mock surrender. ”Don’t get me wrong, we had our moments. Every family does. We fought, we argued, we rebelled. I can’t tell you how many times I had to run after Lee because she was once again deciding to make a run for the border.” Jamie shook his head at the foolish memories of his younger sister. ”But we all loved each other, whether we’d admit it or not.”

<p>Jamie had found his eyes wandering to the floor as he spoke about his family. He hadn’t yet told them about the divorce. They had all adored his wife. Hell she had come into his life when he was twenty three and never left. She was practically family herself. They expected him to give them some Quinn children soon to join the others. Well, this would put a damper on all of their plans wouldn’t it?

<p>The man’s peripherals caught Sara waving at him and he quickly straightened himself up and gave a nervous grin before he continued. ”I lived in Tampa for about eight years then moved to Miami about six months ago. I had a buddy out here that told me the local firehouse was looking for some new recruits and I jumped on it. I’ve been a firefighter for seventeen years and I really don’t plan on slowing down. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be one and it never changed. I get a second family that I get to see every day. This one I got to choose though and they never ask to borrow money.” A soft smile tugged at the corner of his lips as he recalled the many times his youngest brother had found his way around squeezing money out of Jamie.

<p>”Now what are you looking for in a woman?” The suddenness of Sara’s voice broke the silence and caught Jamie off guard. He glanced over to her and pressed his lips in thought. He found that whenever the woman gave some sort of reaction to him speaking he could remember some of the things he had neglected to listen to earlier when she’d spoken with him. One of them being the fact that once he gave a bit about himself she would ask the one question that really mattered in these things.

<p>”I mean, I’m a pretty open guy. I like going out and doing active things like hiking, skiing, rock climbing; so I guess someone that enjoys things like that too. I can be a bit nervous when first getting to know someone so I’m thinking the person has to be willing to work with that.” A nervous chuckle fell from his lips and he gave a casual shrug accompanied with a shake of his head. ”I can be a little goofy when…ah….” He let out a heavy sigh, and gave the blonde a pitiful look. ”Do I really have to explain all of this? I mean can’t they figure it out when we meet or something?”

<p>Sara frowned and shook her head, pressing the button on the side of the camera that halted the blinking red light. It gave the man a sense of momentary relief that he somehow knew wouldn’t last long. ”Our Company prefers to allow the clients as much knowledge before the initial first meeting to avoid any mismatched pairs. How about I just ask you some things and you answer. That way you don’t have to come up with them on your own. You are almost done Jamie, just relax and finish up with a bang!” Without giving him any more time to breath, her long finger pressed the button once more bringing the red light to life. ”So Jamie, how would you like to spend your weekend with your partner. At home, at the beach, at a bar or club?”

<p>Jamie clenched his teeth, the tendons in his jaw flexing with the effort, getting suddenly frustrated with the situation. He shouldn’t have come. It was too soon and he should have just let the guys talk all they wanted instead of giving in to this crap. The guys had paid for it though, so it was only right for him to bite his tongue and push through. He didn’t want to spend his weekend with just any partner, he wanted to spend it with his wife. ”Like I said before I’m pretty active, so anything that deals with outdoors. But I’d also like to just sit back and relax sometimes, maybe watch a movie or play a board game, cook dinner, something of the like. I’ve never really been a big partier. Not my scene, so clubs and bars are pretty much out of the question.” Truth was he wasn’t very pleasant when he was drunk so he just never put himself in possible situations that called for that.

<p>Sara nodded and saw that his uncomfortableness was beginning to transfer onto the camera, she decided to open up the ending for him. ”Okay, and could you explain to any hopeful lady out there what you are hoping to get out of this Company’s interactions?”

<p>”Well, to be completely honesty, I came here mainly because the guys at the firehouse talked me into it. You see I’m going through a divorce right now…” Jamie avoided the look that Sara gave him and turned his attention towards the recording camera lens. ”…and they are trying to get me back out there, maybe get laid by someone other than my girlfriend of five years and wife of eight. Because, you know, apparently she had no problem with getting laid by someone other than her boyfriend of five years and husband of eight. I wasn’t all for it but, hey, if it works it works right? Obviously the way I met my first wife didn’t work so maybe this will! If a relationship doesn’t come out of, I’m sure all the information they tug out of you in their pretest for the video will spark a friendship from someone.” And there it was. His little temper tantrum. It had been small, but it had been just enough to spark a look of shock from Sara.

<p>Jamie’s gaze never strayed from the camera while the blonde quickly turned off the camera and clapped her hands together. ”Well! Maybe we can just cut the last part out but everything else was great!”

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kay . eastern

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