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quote/lyrics: We are the reckless; we are the wild youth chasing visions of our futures. One day we'll reveal the truth; that one will die before he gets there.
occupation: Exotic Dancer
alias: Mooshi
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charity sinclair

the commoners

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Jul 30 2015, 06:55 AM

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<b>”I’m so tangy, people call me Matangi. Goddess of word, bitches I’m a keep it banging it up,”</b> Charity attempted to rap along with the rhythm of the M.I.A song that no one seemed to know was playing from her stereo speakers, her hips swaying this way and that. Of course she couldn’t hold a tune for the life of her, but that didn’t stop her from projecting her voice even out into the hallways of her new colossal mansion sized condo here in the upper east end of Miami. Well mansion sized condo was a bit of a stretch, but it was better than the cheap ass apartment she was living in not two days before. Lucky for her, August Hayes was looking for a roommate, and Charity was looking for a way out of her shit hole of an apartment and the bad side of town. So, since she was actually making a decent amount of money now as one of the more popular dancers at the strip club, she could actually afford something nicer. And because of this, she felt the need to celebrate. So, with a glass of champagne in hand and a roll of her hips as she listened to the lively music while she unpacked was the perfect way to spend the afternoon. It wasn't like August had children to worry about, so it was a day for Charity and August to unpack together.
<b>”Bring the noise when we run upon them! Bring the noise when we run upon them!”</b> She mimicked the unique voice of the singer blaring from her sound system, preparing herself for her favorite part of the song. And as the chorus broke through the speakers, she lifted her arms, one hand grasping her large champagne glass, and rolled her hips as she twirled around in her spot right in front of the red microvelvet fabric sofa. She may not be the best singer, but she had some moves, that was for sure. As the chorus came to a close and slipped into the second verse of rap, her body seemed to shift with the song as she began to do the running man in place a goofy smile spreading across her lips. Man she was having too much fun with this. <b>"AUGUST!!!!!!</b> Charity yelled throughout the condo hoping to hear an answer. <b>"Come dance with me, babe!"</b> She giggled as she lifted the glass to her lips and took a long swig of the cool liquid, downing the rest of the glass. She was already far too tipsy for 11am. Boxes stacked around her that needed to be unpacked and distributed throughout her new room, but she was just having too much fun dancing and drinking and just relaxing on her day off.
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Apr 24 2015, 02:02 AM
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charity amelia sinclair

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charity a. sinclair

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august 5th

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exotic dancer

</div><div class='text'>

the commoners

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detroit, michigan

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vanessa hudgens

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--friendly--Charity is extremely friendly and looks forward to meeting new people. There isn't one person that she can't find a little bit of good in which she uses to her advantage. She is always looking for people that have her same interests, and even if you don't, she is always willing to try new things.
--Open-Minded--Charity is a very open-minded individual. She loves to experience new things regardless of the risk which actually isn't always a good thing. She is never judgmental as the last thing she would want is someone to judge her for who she is.
--Goal Oriented--When Charity is set on doing something, she doesn't let up at all. She is determined to push herself to get what she wants out of life. She strives for success and never gives up on anything without a true fight.
--Fun--Charity is always fun to be around. Her outgoing personality makes people enjoy being around her. Plus she is always up for having a great time. She loves making people smile and laugh and really pull them out of their comfort zone.
--Trustworthy--Charity has always been one you can trust. When someone shares something personal with her she takes it as a new level of friendship and wouldn't jeopardize that for the world. She is an extremely good listener and loves to give people advice.
--Optimistic--Charity is very optimistic about EVERYTHING. She believes that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel regardless of how long and rough that tunnel may be. She gets so hyper sometimes that some of the things she says makes no sense at all.
--Thoughtfulness--As much as it may sound like Charity is always thinking about herself, she spends a lot of time thinking about other people. She has a heart and loves to share it with the world.
--Intimidating & Overwhelming--Because of her outgoing and quirky personality and own flare of unique style she can sometimes come on a little too strong, causing some people to find her intimidating and a bit annoying. She is a nonstop talker who has no problem speaking her mind even if it comes out wrong.
--Bitchy--Despite Charity's very happy demeanor, she can be very very very bitchy at times. She has severe bipolar disorder which is something that many people don't know, and she takes medication for her illness; however her mood swings are rather sporadic, and she tends to lash out at people often by accident.
--Impulsive--A lot of times, Charity will act without thinking or say things without thinking. She does reckless things just to get a rise out of herself because she finds that rush so thrilling.
--Focus--Charity cannot focus for anything unless she is very very in tune with what she is doing. Her mind jumps from one thing to the next very quickly, so it is sometimes hard for her to get a clear view of what she is doing.
--Quick--Charity tends to get close to people very quickly. There have been countless times where she has trusted the wrong person or fell for someone that wasn't good for her because she never took her time with any relationship. She is very clingy and has a hard time being alone when it comes to lovers.
Charity grew up into a loving family. Her mother was a kindergarten teacher and her father was a mechanic at a local shop here in New York City. She grew up in the big city, and that is where she loved to be. The shopping, the fashion, the people, the business life? It was all so intriguing to the girl. And it didn't take her long to realize that she had a passion for fashion. When she was in high school, turning beads and trinkets into beautiful jewelry and accessories was her thing. She'd rip up her shirts, cut up her jeans, and do quite a lot of sewing to create a unique style of her own. Because of this, she was considered one of the most popular girl's in school. People wanted to be her because of her creativity, and guys wanted to date her because of her beauty. But she just didn't have time for that. She had goals in mind for herself.....goals that would eventually lead to great success she hoped at least.
It wasn't until she graduated high school and started college that things fell apart for her. Her dreams diminished. After taking a few classes, she realized that college just wasn't for her. She couldn't make the grades that would get her the degree that she was going for. As determined as she was, the stress of the classes and her life without her parents, as she moved to Miami, Florida for classes, were weighing down on her. So she dropped out at 20 leaving college with an associates of applied science. She is now working as an exotic dancer in Miami trying to make ends meat while still continuing to attempt to create a fashion line on her own without the schooling and internships needed to make it big.
At the moment, she is living with a co worker at the dance club who has a child named Mason. She is getting along fabulously with this new adjustment as she just moved in two weeks prior. She adores Rayna and Mason, and spends quite a lot of time with both of them. She has always wanted children and having someone to take care of is something she admires for herself.

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mooshi . eastern . wanted
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