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 Perfect Shot, tag :: open
gwen sharpe
 Posted: Aug 14 2015, 11:41 AM

"Hope when you take that jump, you don't fear the fall. Hope when the water rises, you build a wall. Hope if everybody choose to stay. Hope when the moment comes you'll say, I did it all."

party like a rockstar outfit
Take tons of pictures at the festival, they said. She loved how the publisher sent out the least partying person to the largest party in Miami. Gwen would much rather have taken the scenic route and gone up to the cliffs to take pictures of the divers. There were numerous other photographers for the magazine and they had to pick her. Granted, this was an incredible opportunity because Gwen’s name would be in fine print on the cover of their magazine for the first time, and she was thrilled to be able to do something to get her that kind of credibility so soon in her work. But that was only if she could get the coverworthy shot, and she was almost positive that there were a few other photographers from other pieces of publication that were competing for that same shot. She needed a drink…

In the hour that she had been there, Gwen had watched the crowd nearly double in size. The people seemed to be migrating towards the brightly lit stage as it featured an obviously popular band that Gwen was almost positive she’d heard playing from her neighbors stereo. Instead of diving into the mass of bodies and fighting her way to the front row, she had decided to take a step back and find a spot at a nearby bar tent. Brown eyes scanned the crowd, taking everything in. The sun was tucked away behind the trees of the park allowing the last bit of rays to sneak past the trunks and shine across the dancing bodies. Casually, she lifted her camera from her lap and tilted just a bit before snapping a shot. Something simple, definitely not worthy of the cover but good enough for her own personal collection.

Spinning around in the stool, Gwen raised her hand to one of the bartenders and ordered herself a coke. She may want a drink, but she sure as hell didn’t need one. With a heavy sigh she plopped a single elbow against the bar top and nestled her chin into the palm of her hand while she waited.

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